November 13, 2024 November 15, 2024
Fairfield Amphitheatre
Time: 15:00
Venue: Fairfield Amphitheatre
Address: Fairfield Amphitheatre
State: Victoria
Country: Australia

Celebrating the Bold and Brilliant women practicing the musical traditions and culture of India.
Free Entry, please RSVP here:
Bold and Brilliant will include performances by six woman-led ensembles showcasing music, dance, and songs in languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and English.
The artist lineup includes: Parvyn, Bhairavi Raman, Malathi Vasudevan, Sarita Mcharg, Kanchana Senthuran and Ranjitha Suresh.
Performers will present a range of instrumentation and arrangements, from Carnatic music in Western classical and South Indian classical Carnatic forms, Hindustani classical music, classical ragas and traditional Indian folk songs, Eastern and Western contemporary, classical and improvisational styles, spoken word presentation in multiple languages, and musical crossover and influences from electronica, jazz, Sikh devotional music, and Bollywood music and dance.
This will be an amazing Sunday afternoon family friendly affair at Fairfield Amphitheatre, set in the beautiful midst of Fairfield Park. Bring a picnic! Dogs are welcome!
This event is supported by City of Yarra and the Victorian Government via Investing in Women Grassroots Grant.
Parvyn is Punjabi Australian singer and dancer, whose work is influenced by electronica and jazz and her background in Sikh devotional music and her training in Indian classical music and dance. Parvyn has spent her life on the stage, beginning her international touring career in her father, Dya Singh’s ensemble at the age of seven. As performers of Sikh religious music, their work is held in high esteem by Sikh communities across the globe. In 2010, Parvyn was a founding member of The Bombay Royale, who in 2012 released their first album ‘You Me Bullets Love’, which went straight to number one on the iTunes ‘world’ charts. Her debut record ‘Sa’ has collaborations with producers Joelistics, Yelderbert aka Max Dowling and Bob Knob.
Bhairavi Raman is extensively trained in both Western Classical and South Indian Classical forms, she blends concepts and techniques from both styles, using the violin to express her bicultural identity. She has been performing for over a decade, with over 400 performances to her name, including at prestigious venues like the Madras Music Academy and the Melbourne Recital Centre. Her music represents a formidable blend of traditional knowledge honed in India, technical mastery, musical boldness and an authentically Melbournian voice.
Malathi Vasudevan has a musical family background and started learning from a young age in Bombay. She is trained in voice with Sangeeta Kala Acharya Bombay S. Ramachandran and Veena with Smt Kalyani Sharma and later with Smt Mangalam Muthuswamy. She has traveled the world and had the opportunity to perform in many venues in NZ, Australia and India including the prestigious December Chennai Season.
Sarita Mcharg brings a unique classical and contemporary flavour to her music. A true devotional sitarist and vocalist, Sarita is well known for her spiritual and heartrending playing and singing style, driven by her vast knowledge of classical ragas and traditional
Indian folk songs. Her music blends Eastern and Western contemporary, classical and improvisational styles. Her release Malwa Beats saw Sarita redo traditional songs with an electronic and Arabic twist, a fusion that was very mindful and respectful of the traditional Indian music tradition while incorporating complementary Arabic music elements and electronic beats and textures.
Kanchana Senthuran is a Carnatic musician (vocal/violin)who has performed across Australia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Her latest program, ‘Kavidaiyum Gaanamum’, is a Carnatic music and spoken word presentation that sheds light on the deeper philosophical meanings of existing Carnatic literature and touches upon the struggles community artists go through in practicing their cultural art forms in lands far away from their own.
Ranjitha Suresh is a Hindustani Classical vocalist. She came to Naarm in March 2019 and gave her maiden performance at Melbourne Hindustani classical music society in May 2019. This was followed by a series of performances including Melbourne International Festival of Hindustani Classical music 2020, 2022, 2023 and many more.